Rocco wipe for hand disinfection


in just 30 seconds!

Rocco wipe for hand disinfection

kills 99,99 %

of bacteria


enveloped viruses,
such as coronaviruses

Secure yourself


in just 30 seconds!

The use of wipes
for disinfection

The World Health Organization constantly appeals to care for hand hygiene during the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 disease. Our disinfectants wipes effectively eliminate pathogenic germs from the hands and surfaces such as: plastic, metal, glass, etc.

Rocco wipe for hand disinfection
kills 99,99 % of bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses,
such as coronaviruses!

for hand disinfection everywhere you need it
for disinfecting door handles or handrails and railings

for disinfecting the phone, computer, desk
for disinfection shopping baskets, car interior and public transport

Effectiveness 99,99 %

Unlike other similar products, our wipes are packed in disposable sachets, thanks to which they always retain their b>99.99% effectiveness biocidal. Alcohol-containing wipes which are crammed into large packs will quickly lose their effectiveness after opening as alcohol evaporates very quickly.

Advantages of our wipes

works in 30 seconds!

disinfects and protects hands
convenient to use in any situations e.g. during travel, work, in the shop
disinfects surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass
tissues are packaged in single sachets for single use
Rocco wipes are soaked in an oil that prevents excessive drying of the skin

Limit the risk of coronavirus infection!

Secure yourself and friends
and family
against Covid-19

Tested and approved by HENKEL microbiology laboratory.


  • For orders over 100,000 pcs possibility of individual branding.
  • Packed in 2000 pieces in a box
  • 16 boxes per Euro pallet.
  • Height of pallet 180 cm.
  • Weight of pallet 120 kg.
  • Individual wipe size 18 cm x 8 cm.
  • Composition of the tissue: 90% polyester, 10% viscose.

Certified product by German TÜV and approved for sale in The European Union


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